Paint the ROQ:
A collaborative work of alternative art.
First attempt:
Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 8:57 P.M. PDT
Second attempt:
Tuesday, November 20, 2001 9:13 P.M. PST

The Goal:
To unite millions of people in an effort to 'paint' a red spot on the dark portion of the KROQ studio using common laser pointers during a five-minute period this autumn.

The Idea:

Inexpensive, yet surprisingly powerful laser pointing devices have become ubiquitous in America.  Millions of people own such a device.  Laser light stays coherent over vast distances, the beams spreading very little.  In theory, even a single laser pointer could reach KROQ.  The idea behind
Paint the ROQ is to organize a dozen or so people Burbank to try and shine their laser pointers on one area of KROQ at one time, to see if we can create a temporary visible field of color on the DJ.

Will it work?

I honestly don't know.  I'm a smartass, not a scientist.  But I think it could work, in theory.  If we can get a few dozen people to attempt it, it just might work.  We very well may not succeed.  But wouldn't it be great if we did?  Think how truly awesome a sight it would be, and the feeling you'd have in knowing that you helped to make it possible.  The more people who join in, the better our chances are.  So, help spread the word: tell everyone you know about this site.  Tell the press.  Tell your congressional representative.  Hey, tell your dog!  Well, no, dogs can't see color. And when dogs talk to you, you are insane. Forget that.  But tell everyone else.

And actually, I'm not the first crazy to want to shoot lasers at the station. Rick Dees has been dreaming of it for over 12 years, as part of a wacky morning show gag gone horribly wrong. 

And if there are people out there who want to produce buttons, bumper-stickers, or whatnot for sale at conventions or over the net, feel free.  Just do two things: have this website on there, and send me one of whatever you're making.  You want a product endorsement, email me.

Why do it?

So-called 'environmental artists' such as Christo have explored large scale, temporary works that involve altering or enhancing the landscape with fabric and other materials.  This is along the same lines: to create a temporary dance of red laser light on the windows of the building which would be visible from the corner of Olive & Riverside.

But just as important as accomplishing this goal is the cooperative effort involved.  For it to have even the slightest a chance of working, dozens of people will have to take a few minutes out of an autumn night to join together and do one thing.  hundreds more will be able to participate by watching the show.  For five minutes, we can all be focused on sharing this collaborative work of art.  We can all touch the Stryker (or Doug the Slug, or whoever is on) , if only with our laser pointers.

The Details:

On October 23th at 11:57 P.M. EDT (10:57 P.M. CDT, 9:57 P.M. MDT, 8:57 P.M. PDT) and again on November 20th at 12:13 A.M. EST (11:13 P.M. CST, 10:13 P.M. MST, 9:13 P.M. PST), everyone who has a laser pointer, flashlight, spotlight, or jar of lightning bugs and a clear view of the first-quarter Moon should turn on their pointers and aim them at the 9th floor of the Union Bank Building.  The illustration at the top of this page will not assist you in any way.  Continue to shine your pointer at this spot for five minutes.  That's it. Big Boy combos at Bob's when we're done.

These dates and times were selected for a couple of reasons, but I must keep them secret for now. Just know this: the fate of the free world may depend on this.

Why two attempts?  Because it might rain or something.  If large sections of Burbank have weather problems, we'll see about scheduling another attempt in the spring.

So . . .

Make sure the batteries for your laser pointer are fresh, tell your friends about this website, and hope for clear weather.  Let's see if we can
Paint the ROQ!

"The best you can is good enough."    -Radiohead

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