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I decided that FACEANALYZER had done so well with the real people at my work that I would try some slightly altered faces:

Face #4 (Hooty)

I thought FACEANALYZER might be giving lower scores because of the stubble, so I erased it. I added pretty eyes and some scary rhinoplasty. The result:

FACEANALYZER decided that this is a woman. A woman with a very respectable moustache.

Face #5 (Not Clint Howard)

Giant forehead? Beady, close-set eyes? Beard? Well, it must be a woman- and a charmer at that.

And, finally:

Face #6 (Wait'll they get a load of me)

Check out this guy's stats!

Apparently, green contact lenses + fright wig = big pay raise! Also: big gay raise!

Wait- MORE!