Beautiful Downtown Burbank!

If you ever end up near Universal Studios and you have some time on your hands, you might want to visit the world famous Hollywood sign, the world's most popular real estate advertisement. It's easy to find- just follow the signs like the this one!


Oooh, I am the sexaaayyy!
Thirsty after that hike up the hill? Why not stop at Circus Liquor, made famous in the classic film "Clueless?"
Now we're right near the creative heart of Los Angeles- the NoHo Arts District! NoHo is a completely original and clever way to say North Hollywood, and the name certainly draws nothing from New York's SoHo. I like no ho because it sounds like a request from the LAPD.
You might think that the "NoHo Arts District" would have lots of, well, Arts. Strangely, most of the theatre in the city (and there are a lot of tiny stages in North Hollywood) are outside of the official Arts District boundaries. A few theatres are in the area, like this old movie theatre converted to the "legitimate stage."
Ed Begley Jr! Ed Begly Jr!
It does have a couple of murals.
It also features the intersection where the car crash at the beginning of Erin Brockovich was filmed.
That intersection (Lankershim & Magnolia, if you MUST know) has offices for the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences. The main courtyard features a giant Emmy...
... and life size statues of famous television personalities.

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