So, you'd like to win the KROQ Punk Rock Prom, but your stinking loser fellow students won't help? Well, screw them! You don't need their help! With this guide, you'll be able to cheat your way to the top all by yourself! By following the simple instructions listed below, you can single-handedly win the prom and be the hero of the school!

Challenge ONE:
Create and produce a 30-second television commercial using both audio and video on how to stop the violence in schools. Make a VHS copy of it as proof.

Maybe you don't have any talent. Maybe you can't convince Mom and Dad to let you borrow the camera. Maybe you're just really lazy and don't feel like creating a PSA (public service announcment) that nobody's ever going to see. Don't worry about it- I've made a PSA for you! Just point your camera at the screen, then click here! I've got to tell you- I think this is the finest PSA about stopping violence in schools that I've ever created for a contest!

Challenge TWO:
Write down in order every artist/band KROQ plays Thursday, April 19 between 6AM and 10PM.

Did you miss writing these down? Would you like a posted list of all the songs? Well, I don't have one- but it's easy to fake. Try something like this:

Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit
Staind with Fred Durst
Crazy Town
Blink 182
Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit

Repeat until dead.

Challenge THREE:
Make a sign with the words "KROQ", "Offspring", "Weezer" and your school name and get it on TV (as defined at Make a VHS copy of it as proof.

You'll need that camera again. Pull in really tight on the picture, and read the following text as you film:

Former American President George Bush and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev met with each other today at (INSERT YOUR SCHOOL NAME HERE). Cameras were not allowed at the historic meeting- this was the only official image of the event.

Challenge FOUR:
Tan the letters
K-R-O-Q on the forehead of 106.7 students. Take a picture of each student's full face as proof.
In Challenge #4, digital photographs are NOT valid.

This one's a bit more tricky- digital photos aren't allowed, so you have to be a little more industrious. The easiest way to fake this is with makeup- get some masking tape, tape KROQ on somebody's forehead, put a little dark makeup on the face, and peel off the tape. Instant tan.

The problem with that is you still need 107 friends to help you. If you're doing this all by yourself, you can probably count all your friends on the fingers of one foot. So, digital photos it is. Print 'em on photo paper. When KROQ asks why all the pictures look so fuzzy, tell them you had the ebola that day and had to take the pictures through a plastic bubble.


Here are a couple of pictures to get you started- only 104.7 to go!

Challenge FIVE:
For Earth Day help stop noise pollution! Collect 106.7 CD's in any combination from the following artists: Britney Spears, N*Sync, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys. KROQ will properly destroy and recycle them.

This one could be expensive. Sure, you could steal your little sister's music, or give up the CD's you love but you're too embarassed to admit you own... but there's a better way. Go to Fry's electronics. Buy a couple of cheapo spindles of blank CD-R discs and some labels. Then put one of these on each CD:

Challenge SIX:
Donate a minimum of 1,067 lbs. of food to one of the five regional food banks listed @ Get a receipt as proof.

Here's your receipt. Thank You. Drive through.

Challenge SEVEN:
Write down in order the title of every Offspring and Weezer song KROQ plays in it's entirety starting Wednesday, April 25 at 6AM and ending Friday, April 27 at 10PM

This one's a lot like challenge two. Your list should look like this:

Offspring: That song with the wacky voices
Weezer: The song with the whiny voices
Offspring: That song with the wacky voices
Weezer: The song with the whiny voices
Offspring: That song with the wacky voices
Weezer: The song with the whiny voices
Offspring: That song with the wacky voices
Weezer: The song with the whiny voices
Offspring: That song with the wacky voices
Weezer: The song with the whiny voices

Challenge EIGHT:
At a school assembly, videotape your principal in a tub of noodles singing at least 30 seconds of the Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy". Make a VHS copy of it as proof.

Here you go- you provide the music and I'll provide the picture!

Alternate picture for schools with male principals:

Challenge NINE:
Obtain an original Offspring 1986 7-inch vinyl single titled "I'll Be Waiting" or a Weezer original ticket stub from the October 26, 1994 show at the Roxy.

The posted and originally announced verisions of this challenge said you need one or the other of these things, but Kevin said you need to have both. You could probably argue the point, but be safe and have both.


Here's a ticket stub. print it on heavy paper, fold it, and laminate it. When asked why you laminated it, say "because Weezer ROCKS!"


According to some web sites, the Offspring single was hand made. According to the book "Martha Stewart Bootlegging," you can make your own with a circle cut from an old black raincoat, a sewing needle, a sheet of white paper, scissors, and paste. Remember, the b-side is "Blackball."

Remember KJOI? What a rockin' station...


Challenge TEN:
Unscramble the Offspring/Weezer montage of songs by correctly identifying in order the song titles. Montage will be played only once, today at 5pm.

Did you miss recording the montage? Well, GOOD NEWS! Our crack team of KROQ spies was able to smuggle a copy to me. I haven't broken the thing down for you (come on, do a little work, already), but it shouldn't be a problem for any real KROQ listener.

Download the montage here.

  Well, that's all ten. With the help of this page, you should be able to knock them out in about an hour. Good luck! Now go visit already!