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Recently, it has come to my attention that people believe that I- David Manning, film critic for the Ridgefield Press, do not exist. This is not true. Clearly, I exist- if I did not, how could I have realized that Heath Ledger is "this year's hottest star?" Or that The Animal is "Another Winner?" The answer: I could not have. Therefore, I must exist. It hurts me and my family to see me publicly humiliated as a non-existent person.

And while it is true that I never wrote for the Ridgefield Press of Danbury, Connecticut, that does not eliminate the possibility that I wrote for a different Ridgefield Press. Do you have any idea how many cities are named "Ridgefield?" There are at least seven in the United States, and there are certainly more around the world. Any one of these towns could have a "Ridgefield Press." And that doesn't even count the possibilty that the paper is named after somebody named Ridgefield.


I will not be driven out of my profession by media outlets looking for a scandal at the expense of my life. I will continue to review movies even if the entire world believes me to be a phantom, for movies are in my blood. As always, my reviews will be available here on my web site as well as in the Ridgefield Press. Any further attempt to slander my good name will be met with harshly.