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Who can you Trust?

The recent unpleasantness regarding doubts of my existence caused me to realize that no one can be sure if a quote in a movie advertisement is from a real person. To help you decide who is real, I've assembled the following list of trusted reviewers- people that I've actually met who write reviews that I respect.

David Manning's Trusted Reviewers

  • Shawn Edwards, WDAF-TV (Kansas City)
    Sample quote: "'Cats & Dogs' is a hysterically funny and tremendously clever film."
  • Jim Ferguson, The Dish Network
    Sample quote: "[Cats & Dogs is] a doggone funny film filled with holiday fireworks."
  • Gil Robinson, Robinson Report
    Sample quote: "[Scary Movie 2 is] twice as good as the first one!"
  • Maria Salas, Telemundo/Gems TV
    Sample quote: "Two Paws Up! [Cats & Dogs is] 100% Awesome."
  • Mike Sargent, WBAI
    Sample quote: "If [Swordfish] were any hotter you'd burst into flames!"

Please Note: These are not the only real reviewers out there- they are just the ones I've grown to admire. Most (if not all) other reviewers sometimes seem to exist solely as extensions of a production company's advertising budget. I am not saying you should ignore the opinions of reviewers not mentioned- I'm sure there are excellent ones I have not listed- but you might want to compare their opinions to those of the people listed above. And remember- any film you like is a good film!