Let's try this again.

A couple of decades ago, I knew how to make web pages. Not great web pages, but reasonable ones. That skill is pretty much gone; I don't know newer stuff, and the old things I've managed to remember are almost completely wrong. So I'm starting from scratch- so scratchy that this page is almost exactly the lynda.com "Dreamweaver for Beginners" tutorial page. But I won't get better unless I do all the prep work, so here we are.

I have almost zero new content right now, BUT I am cheating a bit by running a concurrent blog that will have stuff every whenever-I-do-it, and my ancient page still has some fun things (in a "check out grandpa's old records" sort of way).

There are also a couple of stray pages floating around from the last time I tried to revive and revise this site: The Ghost Team Namer and a brief page about seeing Man of Steel (which came out in 2013, so you know this revision has been a long time coming).

I'm really tempted to add one of those "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"  GIFs that were so popular in the nineties, but it should be pretty obvious that this site is in no way complete.

Let's hope it's less than six years before my next post!

...slightly less than six years later...

I'm not sure if adding a couple  Mastodon links to verify I own this page counts as a "next post," but that's what you get!