Who Am I?

No one of consequence.

My name is Luke. I was born in the San Fernando Valley. I've lived all over the place: as far West as Canoga Park, as far East as Burbank, as far North as Chatsworth, and as far south as Toluca Lake. So, pretty much everywhere.

Way back in the early Eighties I went to El Camino Real High School. Then I took 25 years to get my English degree and a couple of teaching credentials. Along the way, I liked to pretend that I wanted to be a computer programmer, but I never really cared much about functions and procedures and subroutines; I wanted to make images and noises.

Now I teach digital media to middle schoolers in Burbank. It is the best job on Earth. I get to watch my students impress me with the weird things they make. There's nothing like that moment when they do something that makes me say "How the heck did you do that?" I learn new things from them every day.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart. She's awesome. We did have a tiny twenty year break along the way, though.