in their own words

January 21, 2001

This is a picture of:

  1. Rosanne Barr
  2. Maya Angelou
  3. Minnie Driver
  4. Whoopi Goldberg
  5. Barbara Hershey
  6. Sally Field
  7. Karen Valentine
  8. Jim Belushi
  9. none of the above

Mystery Picture #1
"Art" by Vernon Carne

Scroll down for the answer...


9. None of the above- It's Angelina Jolie! It's obvious when you know the answer. Hello! I'm Lara Croft!

I'll be posting these images every week, usually on Sunday or Monday. In general, if I think the person's face will be recognized by the general public (current pop/movie stars, major politicians, entertainment "legends"), I'll put it in this column. Less familiar faces will go on the right.

February 18, 2001

Okay, Vernon's getting more clever. This week, he drew Alexa Canady, the first black female neurosurgeon.

It's the most human-looking of all the faces so far- but does it look like Alexa Canady?

Let's find some pictures of her and see!

Hello! I'm Lara Croft!


Here's one... but we can't see her face... Hello! I'm Lara Croft!
Here's another one... but we can't see her face...

Here's a third, but we still can't see her face...

See what Vernon's done? He's picked someone who always wears a mask. It's like he's drawing a picture of Batman under the cowl- who can prove him wrong?

Well, I can...

I found a tiny picture of Alexa maskless. Even at this size, it's pretty easy to see that no sane person would use Vern's drawing as a representative image of Alexa Canady.

Hello! I'm Lara Croft!

February 25, 2001
I was going to do this every week. Well, forget it! I'm sick of the drawings of unknowns. I'll put one up when it's a famous face.

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