I just discovered an amazing site called It can look at a picture of someone's face and figure out everything about them. I tested it, and I found it highly acurate. Check out these examples:

Face #1

I started with this guy. He hangs around the computer lab where I work a lot. Faceanalyzer was able to take this single photo and extrapolate the following information:

Absolutely correct in every way! Except the gay thing.

Face #2

This is another guy at work. You might think it was the exact same guy, but FACEANALYZER knows the truth:

FACEANALYZER knows the truth! Unlike the first guy, this guy isn't Middle Eastern at all! Also: he's smarter, less risky, and a little more gay.


Face #3

Then there's this guy:

He's about two-thirds Middle Eastern. I'm not sure how you do that. It must have been one heck of a party.

More! More!