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December 30
words, words, words

Added a page to the In Their Own Words tribute pages.

December 19
Christmas Card

Finally at a state where I'm comfortable sharing it with the world: my Flash-based Christmas card.

December 9
Picture Day (again)

Lousy picture of me.Picture day at work. I now present for your amusement the worst school picture ever taken of me.

I like the way I look like I'm in the middle of saying "So, are you really taking a picture?"

December 4
Getty Scenter

I went to the Getty Museum on Saturday. Lots of great works of art, and the grounds are pretty damn amazing- but why are the buildings so stinky? Walking into the buildings is like walking into the world's most beautiful armpit.

November 30

Today was the last day to write for National Novel Writing Month. I wrote less than half a book. It's terrible. I wouldn't want anyone to read it. I'm thinking of titling it "Eye of Argon II: The New Batch." So of course I've posted it. If you'd like a brief description of the book (other than "it sucks"): It's a everyday, slice of life kind of story that evolves into a science fiction mystery. It's like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," except less coherent and not at all entertaining. Go try and read it - I DARE YOU!

October 24

New pictures on the Denise page! See the mystery woman revealed to the world!

October 8
more of no results

continuing yesterday's theme: canned monkey. Tastes great with extracted cheese.

No hits for cranial patrol, lyrical flotsam, or harpoon dancers.

October 7
No results

While trying to find Google searches that return no results, I found this lovely cheese extractor.

No results for "painful pillows," "sinister flour," "bacon collage," or "genuine elbows."

September 27

nanowrimo.com is a web site that's trying to get people to write a 50,000 word novel during November, which they're calling "National Novel Writing Month." They got five novels two years ago, and 29 last year. This year, I decided to do it, even though I have no burning urge to tell a story. Just to get an idea of how much more writing I'd be doing, I checked out how many words there were on my site's longest text page.

Less than 650.


(This blurb has ninety words).

September 19

American Flag with peace symbol instead of stars- perfect for hippies!

September 16
Beard Boy

Me in 1990My work/school photo from 1990. Dig that cool TURTLENECK SHIRT that seems to merge seamlessly into the sweet FULL BEARD! Marvel at the PSUEDO-SUPERMAN HAIR!

....and, best of all- check out that attractive "nosebrow" between my eyebrows!

What a freak I was! Now, of course, I am nothing but handsome.

September 13

Highlights of the invitation I received yesterday:

August 19
Buy Buy Buy!

New stuff in the ga2so.com store- hats, totes, and boxer shorts. Go buy some and advertise for me!

August 6

Just posted: Whirl-an_URL II!

August 4

My favorite comic book.

August 1
I like today

I like it a lot.

July 27
Suspicious Minds

New! A true tale of jealousy just for Kathy!

July 21
...and KROQ had a DJ named Kennedy...

Next time you hear the Linkin Park song "In The End," just before they get to the line "I put my trust in you," close your eyes and think "Jon Bon Jovi... Jon Bon Jovi..."

July 20

Meeting celebrities is... uh, exciting?

July 18
Walken in LA

I made a picture of Christopher Walken for you. Save it for December!

July 16
Book Look

A new page- Book Look. Book Look looks at books. Look at Book Look. Look, look!

July 5
Britney- picture perfect

From the book "Britney Spears- The Illustrated Story", page 23:

Britney is incredibly photogenic- it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of her.

Also from page 23:

Notice that the quote said almost impossible...

July 4
Independent Film Guide

Happy 4th of July! I celebrated by helping Dave Manning update his page.

July 1
Library discards and more new words

New page: Library Discards. Also, a new In their Own Words is up.

June 9

ga2so.com is proud to host the David Manning web site.