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February 21


Bought a ten dollar web camera at Fry's today.

Maybe I should put those shirts in the closet...


February 14

Bean (of KROQ's Kevin & Bean) just announced that he's registered the URL wreckoftheedmundfitzgerald.com, because he loves the Gordon Lightfoot song. Everyone else on the show made fun of him for it. He noted that wreckoftheedmundfitzgerald.net was still available.

Not any more. (that link may not be active quite yet)

February 12

School Pictures Again

Lifetouch Studios did our school pictures this year. As a free bonus, some of us got new names at no extra charge!

"Hey, is that one H or two T's?"
"Let's just use the H - it's one less letter to type."


February 11

My favorite Spider-Man appearance.

February 3
Buy Stuff

Go buy something! Be my shill!
Go buy something here, too!

I'm not making any money on these- just buy 'em if you like 'em.

January 29
Nine Inch Beatles

More bad music for you- "Close Birth" by Nine Inch Beatles. If that won't stream, try this link. Perfect to annoy the Trent Reznor and Paul McCartney fans in your life.

January 14

For some reason, A bunch of people are using these StorTrooper guys on their pages now. I couldn't get one to look anything like me. For one thing, I have eyebrows. Give it a try- maybe you'll have better luck than me.


StorTrooper, Unmodified
This was as close
as I could get.
Sort-of-fixed StorTrooper
I edited this one.

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