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April 26

Now online: Win the KROQ Punk Rock Prom! A surefire method to be the winning school.

April 24

Sign I saw at one of the stalls at Venice Beach today:


That could be really bad.

April 19
TV loves me!

From yesterday's mail:

Ooooh- it's a long-distance phone call! I'd better pay attention, then!

April 15

Some names the kids at work have called me:

April 14
know your enemy

A flyer from work.

"What was he wearing?"

"A hat... or maybe a cap..."

"Did he have any sort of physical injury or disability?"

"Yes. His pants had a patch on the left knee."


March 12
words & sound

I've updated the "In Their Own Words" page, and added a song to the sounds page. Go look and listen!

March 8
a lot of question

My favorite recent email:

If this is Mrs. or Miss Somers plz contact me at [address deleted] plz I'v got a lot of question. If this isn't the address of actor Chrissy please send me her address . Thank you

See, must have a direct actor Chrissy connection- after all, I have access to her private conversations...

March 3
Happy Bear

When I was in high school, my friend Mike was known for being as miserable as he could manage. One day, I turned to him and said I'd written a song to cheer him up. This is that song.

March 2

Today was "Jump Rope for Heart" day at work. For some it was combined with our new literacy program and Dr. Seuss Day. I was the DJ - that's right, spinnin' the wheels of steel- so I recorded a show intro.

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