mp3 sounds

I was about to make a special page for sounds from the Star Wars read-along book when realized two things:

1) I've already got a bunch of wacky sounds buried on the site so no one can find them, and 2)The book isn't funny enough to fill a whole page.

So I've solved the problem by making a sounds page. They're in mp3 format, and the quality is, uh, not excellent. Enjoy!

From the Star Wars Read-Along Book
Apparently, they didn't secure the voice rights from the actors, so "voice-alikes" are used. my favorite is Darth Vader- he sounds like he's doing Dracula impressions.


Stuff I made

An awesome cover of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab"
Bring Down the Birds (a Herbie Hancock tune you might recognize)
Gary Coleman Techno
The Happy Bear Song
I Like Chickens
Teddy Bear Ball commercial
Tom Waits does Britney Spears - no, not like that...
Tom Waits and Ani DiFranco cover The Theme From Three's Company

"Jump into Literacy with All Your Heart" intro
Moonhead - I'll give a dollar to the first person who figures out the reason for the name.
The Ballad of Catalina Isle - only funny if you work or go to school at Balboa Magnet.
The Race Car Connection - because there really aren't that many songs about rainbows.
A Celebration of Pluto's new "Dwarf Planet" status
Bad Connection (Yazoo Cover)

The Happy Sparkle Funtime Band
theme song

The Torrez Song (lyrics by hotdoughnutsnow)
Don't Shop At Walmart (written by torrez)

Stuff I found

The Incredible Edible
Out Of This World Egg

The intro
bad simile