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June 4
middle aged man

Today, I turn 35.<--- see, it's a link!

May 24
A joke for geeks

..that geeks won't find funny. On the back of my Panda Express receipt:

Man, Microsoft is everywhere. I hope the Kung-Pao Chicken is backward compatible!

May 21
Related to Pops Racer, I guess

There is a great PSA at the AMC Theatre. It's a "we card for R movies" ad that features the driver's license of a kid named "Bobby Teenager." That's pretty good, but what sells the PSA is Bobby's signature, which looks a lot like this:

Because all teenagers write like they are in third grade.

May 20
More "words"

Hey! New stuff on the In Their Own Words page!

May 17
Britney Spears/Tom Waits/I Goof Around

My belief is that Tom Waits could sing any song and make it sound cool. I wish he'd really do this. Then it wouldn't suck.

May 10
Solemn Sam

From "Mechanix Illustrated", September 1959:

Solemn Sam, a monkey locked into a harness

Now, I never met Sam, and I'm certainly no expert on monkeys, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet that Sam's thoughts when this picture was taken were more along the lines of "How can I bite the big freak that locked me into this machine?"

May 3

They were the greatest band of all time. They were destined to be the leaders in a musical revolution- until tragedy tore them apart. They were- The Happy Sparkle Funtime Band.

May 1

So in honor of the May 1st reboot thingie, I've completely redesigned all of my pages. The main text box is now twelve pixels wider! It's like a whole new world!

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