The first truly random web page finder. 

Warning- may lead to "adult content." Not for use by minors!

You may have seen a page that claims to take you to another random page. But whoever set up the "random" page generator has picked out the pages he or she wants you to see. You just get one from their list.

That's not what happens here.

We truly have no idea where our page will take you, or if it actually will take you anywhere at all! How do we do it? With patented "Vague Explanation Technology!©" 

Every computer on the internet has a name. Actually, a lot of them have more than one name. The name that's easy to remember is the one that's made up of words, like "www.webpagesthatsuck.com." Not all computers have fancy-pants word-names like that, but all internet computers all have a second name, made up of four numbers, with each number in the range between 0 and 255, like "". Whirl-an_URL© randomly generates numerical addresses, then sends your Internet Service Provider scampering off on a merry chase to find the computer associated with it. You might find wonderous things. You might find nothing. You might find nasty pictures. You might find nothing. You might accidentally discover a lost relative. You might find nothing. 

In fact, you'll almost certainly find nothing. There are nearly 4.3 BILLION combinations of numbers. Many of those haven't been assigned to computers yet. Most of the rest of are assigned to computers that are not set up as web servers. Many are on the other side of a firewall, which means you can't get to them. Even if you mangage to find a server, most web pages are set up like this one, in a subdirectory, which this method will never find. Saying "Your chances are slim" would be a optimistic. So what? Would it kill you to try? 

Hey, if you get it to work, let us know. We've only connected once to a random site, and it was less than 20 miles away. That's no fun...

Two other things: 

One - this won't work if you don't have at least the equivalent Netscape Navigator 3 - which shouldn't be a problem, since I know you bought a new machine to be Y2K compliant, right? 

Two - if you decide to "borrow" the JavaScript on this page, give me credit somewhere, please- in the comments of the JavaScript is fine. Thanks!