dad's garden

I love my Dad. He is insane.

Dad in 1962. Well, maybe "insane" is a bit too strong. Let's just say that Dad has a unique way of seeing the unpredictable quirks of the real world as parts of his Secret Master Plan. His garden is a perfect example of this.

Dad's garden didn't start out as a garden. It started out as a big tree in the middle of the backyard that was too large and too close to the house. Dad cut down the tree and dug up the stump, leaving a huge six foot square hole in the middle of the lawn. Dad decided that this hole would become... a compost heap! Right in the center of the yard, where you could view it from the living room.

Mom wasn't exactly pleased.

Dad worked on the compost heap nearly every day. Any plant materials that weren't weeds (including whatever rinds and peels were left from cooking) went into the heap. He would water it every day. He would mix it up to let air in. He'd leave it alone to keep the air out.

One day, he noticed things growing in his heap. Traditionally, you're supposed to prevent things from growing in your heap- but Dad is no traditionalist. Instead of chopping down or transplanting any plants that appeared, he let things grow where they sprouted. Soon tomatoes, peppers and squash were everywhere! He even had a canteloupe show up:

The lonely canteloupe
The Lone Canteloupe

Mom likes the view of the garden a great deal more than she liked the compost heap. Dad has started a new heap, but he put it on the side of the house where it won't bug mom. What fun is that?

Dad and his accidental garden.
Dad and the Accidental Garden