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January 6, 2009
NEW New Thing: Podcast

Let's see if it lasts longer than the old new thing.


rss link

January 1, 2008
New Thing: Sentenced.

One sentence a day.

August 27, 2007
Musical Genius

My version of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab."

March 3, 2007
Work and Kirby

My work web page.

Trying to copy comic book effects

December 30, 2006
Fake Sketches

I just wrote up a Photoshop tutorial: How to fake sketches.

September 23, 2006
The Menace

Exactly what commandments did Dennis the Menace break?

August 10, 2006
Mr. Fish

Just added- a new contender for the BEST COMIC EVER!

July 10, 2006
Site Redesign

Hey, look! The pages look different for the first time in two years! And I went through the links and added new ones and took out old ones and stuff! And I posted here, too! WOW THE WORLD IS EXCITING TODAY!

May 16, 2006
PHP & Music

Switched everything from HTML to PHP. Links might get goofy. I did it so I could add the all-important "last ten songs my computer played" box at the bottom right of each page.

April 15, 2006

It's done! We are hitched! See pictures!

February 28, 2006

Hey, I'm getting married! We went today and picked up the license. It was absolutely beautiful.

February 16, 2006
Google Video

I've uploaded a couple of fine videos to google video:

January 21, 2006

What could make me actually post something here after six months of inactivity? What could make a bad comic magically funny? What is the single greatest discovery in the history of man???

The Garfield Randomizer.

June 19, 2005

There used to be a site called juggopop.com, and it had a nifty tutorial for creating shiny "bling bling text" With Photoshop. Yesterday I discovered it was gone, so I recreated the bling tutorial.

June 11, 2005
Face to Face

I played with someone else's site, and pretended like it was interesting enough to make two pages about it.

May 1, 2005

You can read a bunch of stuff I wrote for my creative writing class right here if you want.

March 13, 2005

Hey, tindeck is pretty nifty! Free mp3 hosting: Enjoy my bad impression of Tom Waits singing the Brady Bunch theme!

September 12

Join me at the Mike Zara Dance Party!

August 20
Photoshop Phun

I wrote a photoshop tutorial that shows how to make your picture look like it was in the opening credits of "snatch", like this:

Snatched picture

July 30
Rainbows, Shmainbows

A New Song for all of my many, many, many, many, many fans.

July 10
Vernon Carnage

A new "In Their Own Words" is up.

May 31
Amadeus, Amadeus

My new project: Rock Me Amadeus Comics!

February 29
I'd like to thank the Academy

I didn't even know I was nominated...

January 21, 2004

Johnny Cash meets Howard Dean.

January 11, 2004

Mister Pants is back.

January 4, 2004
WAUII improvement

I fixed up Whirl-an_URL. It's more pretty than ever!

January 1, 2004
Bad Art

New Project: My Bad Art Year.

December 3
Secret Children (AKA Corgan/Dunst II: The Johanssoning)

Is Christopher Walken secretly the father of Scarlett Johansson?


Bonus fun fact: I spent 20 minutes trying to get the sepia tone on the pictures to match before I realized it would have been easier to change the pictures to grayscale. And yet I'm still using the sepia tone images.

September 20
Gosh, I update frequently!

I drew a fine picture.

May 21
A Play

Don't Shop at the Walmart.

May 6
My City

Beautiful Downtown Burbank!

Oh, yeah- less than five months between updates! I'm like a web page machine!

January 8
Random Stuff from today

December 16
Much Better

DSL at the old house:

DSL at the new house:

That's only about eight times as fast.

October 27
More Words

Hey, I added to the In Their Own Words page a few days back. I guess I should have mentioned it then. I'm sorry. It woon't happen again.

October 20
Next on "Biography"

From the "About the Cast" section of the program for El Camino Real High School's 1984 production of "Much Ado About Nothing": My biography. Unlike most people, I hoped to be a success!

October 13

What's your favorite poem about women's hair written by a 13 year old boy from Peru? This is mine.

October 12
In the air and everywhere

The Bugaloos! Also, a Cheese Whiz copycat recipe for everyone who wants the great taste of cheese from a spray can without having to pay for it. Special note for elementary school kids: the recipe requires that you cut the cheese.

September 14
Fipilele & dogs

New Filepile sounds on the sounds page. New dogwelder.com page. Together, they are better than two kinds of magic!

August 23

New stuff at the botton of the Dueling Antons page. Yee! Haw!

July 14
Words, words, words!

New "In Their Own Words" today! It's like magic ...but better!

June 4

Today is my 36th birthday. It's the last birthday I will have that is the product of the squares of two prime numbers until 2047. I was going to make a "36" page like I did when I turned 35, but I decided it would be just a weak rehash of the idea.

Also, I got lazy.

June 2
Silver Bullets I Have

For no reason at all: The Lone Yoda.

May 25
Billy Corgan

The shocking truth about Billy Corgan!

May 19
Fancy Rats Return!

The first thing I put in the junk drawer was about fancy rats (at the bottom of this page). Now, two years later, I present their triumphant return!

May 3