whirl-an_URL II
The second truly random web page finder. 

Warning- may lead to "adult content." Not for use by minors!

By now you've spent many, many hours at the first Whirl-An_URL page, only to come to one inescapable conclusion: it never finds any web pages! That's because out of the 4.2 billion possible DNS addresses it generates, only a tiny fraction are actually used and set up as web servers.

Seethruweb's "rAnDoM UrL" uses a different approach. It tacks ".com" to random dictionary words- but that means it will miss sites with names not found in the dictionary. Scientists at ga2so labs have been working day and night to solve this problem. Their solution: Four Letter Word Technology!

Here's how FLWT works: Instead of generating a DNS number, FLWT generates a random four letter combination. There are only 456976 combinations of four letters- that's 1/9398th as many possibilities as WAU- and every single one has been registered by someone! Sure, you'll probably just get a "this domain for sale" page, but at least you'll get something...

Is WAUII perfect? No. If your domain name is more than four letters long (like mine) or has any non-letter character in it (like mine) WAUII won't find it. Also, some four letter words are less polite than others. I cannot predict the letters that will appear. I apologize if they spell something you find offensive.

January 4, 2004: Instead of just using ".com", WAUII now ranomly chooses ".com", ".net", or ".org". Also: How lame is it that I refer to myself as "scientists at ga2so labs?" ANSWER: Very lame.

June 9, 2009: MASSIVE RECODING UPDATE! WAUII now uses FLPWT - Four Letter PLUS word technology! Instead of just generating four letters, up to SIX letters may now be generated, bringing the number of letter combinations up to 321,254,128! With the addition inclusion of the ".co.uk" extension, the possible number of domains has now increased to 1,285,016,512! HOLY COW YOU SHOULD BE IMPRESSED! IT ONLY TOOK FIVE AND A HALF YEARS!