ty supancic - a god among men

My good friend Ty Supancic looked at my home page. His comment was:

"I was left with the disappointing and empty feeling that I had been
edited out of your little cyber world..."

See, he was on my original home page. Of course, that page was nothing but one picture, but it was his picture.
Well, part of it was, anyway...

To make amends and save my friendship with Ty, I now present that picture once again:

The New Three Stooges
I think Ty was actually more upset by the disappearance of Nipsey Russell.

As a special bonus, here's a link to IMDB's page about Ty's Grandfather, Terry Frost. He was an actor, you know.
Ty- I'm sorry if I caused you pain. Now, let's start the healing process!



Ty looked at the Denise page and said "It's really long." I think he has page envy. So he won't feel left out, I'm adding a Ty picture and story to this page.

Ty's feet, legs, and not-quite-Dolphin shorts

This is from the summer of 1984. A bunch of drama geeks, including me and Ty, went to Campland By the Dirt in San Diego to celebrate our graduation from high school. By that time, I'd known Ty for about five years- and in that time, I'd only seen his feet about two times. He wore shoes always. He rarely wore short pants. When I saw his naked feet casually resting on the filthy campground, I knew I needed to get a photo.

It's now 2001. Since this picture was taken, I think I've seen his feet one more time.

Feet Closeup!
Check out that sweet Top-Sider tan line!

Extreme Right Big Toe Closeup!

That's all for now. Some day I'll tell you the story about the time when Ty and I were riding bikes home from school and I got so angry that he wouldn't tell me why he wasn't at school the day before that I jumped off my bike and knocked him off of his. Or maybe I just did.