library discards

Every year the school library gets new books, and the librarian has to face a difficult task- which old books to discard to make space for the new ones? For the most part she does an excellent job, but this year I found a great number of books that are relevant to today's kids that were for some reason placed in the discard pile. These are just a few of the books I rescued. I think you'll agree that these books should be immediately returned to the shelves.


The Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook

From the back cover:

He's the fascinating TV and recording star whose charm and popularity led to the sensational skyrocketing phenomenon of TV's Hardy Boys series.

How can this "illustrated biography of the Reigning Teen Idol" be so callously disregarded?


ALF: A Day at the Fair

Kids love ALF! I don't think a day has gone by where I don't get a question like "Do they really eat cats on Melmac?" from a wide-eyed child.


...and my personal favorites:

Published in 1978, these books describe (there are no photos or illustrations inside the books) concerts by two of today's hottest acts for kids: Elton John and John Denver. The first paragraph or so is especially appropriate for children:

The hostess, dressed in a low-cut, sequinned gown, steps from the shadows toward the microphone. "Hi," she purrs.

Doesn't every schoolkid dream of purring hostesses in low-cut gowns? These two books are clearly among the most beloved among our students- they've been in the library for nearly 25 years, yet they've been so carefully treated by the thousands of kids who passed through the library that they look like they've never been touched!